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Australia Council History

The Australia Council was formed in 1986 as the former Australia Section divided into numerous, mostly state-based sections.

The data below are taken from the official records of all past officers of the Australia Council. The Australia Council is aware that the data may be incomplete. If you can help fill in any of the gaps, please get in contact.

IEEE's Global History Network maintains an editable web page on the history of the Australia Council.


Chair Max J. Simons
Vice-chair Alan J. Gibbs
Secretary/Treasurer Richard C. Clarke


Chair Alan J. Gibbs
Vice-chair Alan R. Billings


Chair Alan R. Billings
Vice-chair Donald H. Sinnott
Secretary/Treasurer Lorenzo Faraone


Chair Donald H. Sinnott
Vice-chair Matt Darveniza


Chair Matt Darveniza
Secretary/Treasurer Malcolm R. Barrett
Assistant Timothy Hesketh
Assistant James J. Vasseleu


Chair Harry E. Green
Secretary/Treasurer Nicholas Fourikis
Assistant Timothy Hesketh
Assistant James J. Vasseleu


Chair Walter R. Lachs
Vice-chair Lal C. Godara
Secretary/Treasurer Alan Dunworth
Membership Development James J. Vasseleu


Chair Lal C. Godara
Vice-chair Robert J Prandolini (1996)
Secretary/Treasurer Wood N. Cheung
Student Activities Dorota Kieronska (1996–1997)


Chair Robert J. Prandolini
Secretary/Treasurer Darrell Williamson (1997)
Jonathan C. Kieffer (1998)
Student Activities Dorota Kieronska


Chair Dalma Novak
Vice-chair Harry McDonald (2000)
Secretary/Treasurer Jonathan C. Kieffer (1999)
Student Activities Dorota Kieronska (1999)


Chair Harry McDonald
Vice-chair John L. Robinson
Treasurer Michael E. Evans
Student Activities W. Keerthipala


Chair John L. Robinson
Vice-chair Michael E. Evans
Secretary/Treasurer Peter A. Wills


Chair Michael E. Evans
Vice-chair Renate Sitte
Secretary Ian E. Boyd
Treasurer Ziauddin Ahmed


Chair Cornelis J. Kikkert
Vice-chair Ian E. Boyd
Secretary Geoffrey D. Reid
Treasurer Ziauddin Ahmed
Student Activities John Williams (2007)
Mohan Jacob (2008)


Chair Ian V. Clarkson
Vice-chair Ziauddin Ahmed
Secretary Paul Kubik
Treasurer Arkadiusz J. Dadej
Student Activities Christophe Fumeaux
Webmaster Lochan Baratakke (2009)
Graham Gordon (2010)


Chair Arkadiusz J. Dadej
Vice-chair Ziauddin Ahmed
Secretary Horace King
Treasurer Paul Kubik


Chair Lance Fung
Vice-chair Abbas Bigdeli
Secretary Mohan V. Jacob
Treasurer Martin Leaver
Student Activities Sharon Lim
Webmaster Zia Ahmed


Chair Tapan K. Saha
Vice-chair Mohan V. Jacob
Secretary Zia Ahmed
Treasurer Martin Leaver
Student Activities Sharon Lim
Webmaster Mike Robinson

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