Australia Council Chapter Matrix

Chapters and Affinity Groups in Australia

The Australia Council oversees 73 individual chapters and 15 affinity groups, representing 31 IEEE societies, one IEEE council, and 3 IEEE affinity groups.

Four IEEE societies are represented by chapters that are spread across two or more sections, with one section acting as host. The Australia Council hosts the Oceanic Engineering Society.

The adjacent matrix shows the relationship between IEEE societies and Australian chapters and sections.

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Understanding the matrix

HostInter-section chapter

A chapter represents an IEEE society or council operating within a section.

A joint-chapter represents two or more IEEE societies operating as a single chapter within a section. Joint-chapters are linked by the numbers in the boxes, reading from top to bottom in each section's column.

An inter-section chapter is a chapter of an IEEE society formed by several sections, with one section acting as host. The hosting section is indentified by the word 'Host' appearing under the section name.